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Single Origin Green Beans from Ethiopia


Varietal/Species | Arabica

Reigon | Sidamo in the Gedeo zone

Processed | Fully washed

Flavour | Caramel, Chocolate, Milk

Aroma | Delicate and floral

Acidity | Fair

Body | Light to medium body

Screen Size/Grade | 15/18, Grade 2


Tasting notes | Very delicate with notes of black tea and hints of citrus and rose
Ethiopia is the birthplace of coffee. In the tenth century, Ethiopian nomadic mountain people may have been the first to recognise coffee’s stimulating effect, although they ate the red cherries directly and did not drink it as a beverage. The mystic Sufi pilgrims of Islam spread coffee throughout the Middle East. From the Middle East these beans spread to Europe and then throughout their colonial empire including Indonesia and the Americas.

Ethiopia Sidamo | SOGB

  • Green Beans | Available in 500g, 1kg, 5kg or 15kg options.  

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