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Beans For All Your Coffee Needs

We're big believers in the power of good coffee in your home, and a friendly place to come if you prefer to have your coffee away from home!

Check out all of the beans that we have to offer, or stop by the cafe for a tester

Green Coffee Beans

For the best quality green coffee beans, look no further than The Coffee Workshop NZ. We believe that a good cup of coffee starts with the right beans. That’s why we carefully curate our house blends, as well as single origin green beans.

Our beans are sourced from all around the world, ensuring only the freshest and highest quality beans for our customers. From bean to cup, we are committed to providing the best coffee experience for all of our customers!

Roasted Beans

The Coffee Workshop NZ is dedicated to providing high-quality, perfectly roasted coffee beans to our customers. With a wealth of knowledge, we have designed the perfect blends for all cups of coffee!

We understand that everyone’s coffee tastes are different, so we offer a range of different roasts to suit all of your coffee needs! 

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