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Essex is a unique blend of coffee beans from Colombia, Kenya and Ethiopia!

Named after the street that we are located on, it is a very special blend to say the least. 


Our blend selections are a convenient way to purchase quality blends of green coffee without the trial and error of doing it yourself.

We recommend roasting to ‘full-city +’ or just into the second crack for espresso drinkers, however, you can lengthen or shorten your roast to discover different flavours to your taste.

Essex (Blend J)

  • Blend J” has gained quite a following at our very own Vinyl Cafe in Christchurch, in fact, it is our most popular blend. Known at our cafe as 'Essex', the base of the blend is Colombian Supremo, and is combined with a good measure of Kenya and a touch of the famous Ethiopian Yirgacheffe, making this a supreme coffee quite special!


    Blend “J” has been developed specifically to provide a fuller-bodied coffee with a pleasant and lingering aftertaste. Notes of dark chocolate with a citrus and floral finish make this a very good coffee when used with milk.

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