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Essex is The Coffee Workshops' strongest bend and is perfect for avid coffee lovers! 

Essex Blend is named after The Coffee Workshops address in Christchurch 

Essex has a strong, bold flavour and suits all brewing methods however is best suited to  espresso. When brewed correctly, Essex should produce a rich crema. Three fantastic green coffee beans make up this blend to complement each other and bring out the best in all of them

Essex Beans | Roasted

  • Essex Roasted Coffee Beans from The Coffee Workshop are a unique blend of coffee beans from Colombia, Kenya, and Ethiopia. Developed and roasted in-house by experienced roasters, these beans are sure to provide a rich and unforgettable cup of coffee. Our signature blend is the perfect balance of acidity, sweetness, and flavor that will satisfy even the most discerning coffee connoisseur. Try Essex Roasted Coffee Beans today for a cup of coffee you won't soon forget

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