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Single Origin Green Beans from Colombia. 


Varietal/Species | Bourbon, Typica, Catura, a 'rust resistant' Colombia variety, cross bred between a hybrid of Timor & Catura

Reigon | Cerrado

Processed | Fully washed

Flavour | Balanced, clean, sweet, notes of cocoa, spice & fruits

Body: Medium

Colombian Excelso | SOGB

  • Green Beans - available in 500g, 1kg, 5kg or 15kg options.  
    Brazil is the largest producer of Arabica in the world and is largest coffee consumer.
    The coffee industry in Brazil provides income for more than 10 million people and has a population of 190 million inhabitants, which qualifies it as the fifth most populated country in the world.

  • Colombian Excelso Single Origin Green Beans are the perfect choice for any coffee enthusiast and us here at The Coffee Workshop love adding these beans to our blends! This single origin coffee blend is sourced from the best Colombian coffee producers and is sure to provide a unique and delicious flavor. Our Excelso beans have a medium body and a mild flavor with sweet and fruity overtones. When roasted the best in each individual bean is brought out, creating a cup of coffee that is smooth, aromatic, and full of flavor. Enjoy the unique taste of Colombian coffee with our Excelso Single Origin Green Beans.

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