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Coffee Connoisseur package includes


  • 500g roasted Moorhouse Beans x1
  • 200g roasted Essex Beans x1 
  • Knock Box (Random colour) x1
  • 0.7L Milk Jug x1 
  • Tamping Mat (Red) x1


Limited number available! 

Coffee Connoisseur

  • Introducing the Coffee Connoisseur package! This bundle is perfect for those looking to elevate their coffee experience. It includes 500g of roasted Moorhouse Beans and 200g of roasted Essex Beans, both known for their rich and bold flavors. The package also comes with a Knock Box (random color), 0.7L Milk Jug, and Tamping Mat for the ultimate barista setup. Whether you're a coffee enthusiast or a professional, the Coffee Connoisseur package has everything you need for a perfect cup of coffee. Order yours today and taste the difference

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