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Single Origin Green Beans from Brazil


Reigon | Pocos De Caldus

Processed | Natural

Varietal | Various

Acidity | Medium - High

Body | Full 

Flavour | Rich sweetness, good body with hints of chocolate, nuts and caramel, light citrus, and berry notes.


Brazil Caldus Royale | SOGB

  • Green Beans | Available in 500g, 1kg, 5kg or 15kg options.

  • Brazil Caldus Royale is an incredible single origin green bean, sourced from the Caldus region in Brazil. This bean is the perfect choice for those looking for a full-bodied flavor and a nutty aroma. The green beans have a medium-high acidity, making them ideal for a wide range of brewing methods. This bean is sure to add a unique flavor and complexity to any cup of coffee and the team here at The Coffee Workshop could not recomend it more! Try this single origin Brazil Caldus Royale today and taste the difference in your daily cup of coffee!

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