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Bealey is a unique blend of coffee beans from Colombia, Brazil and Kenya!


Our blend selections are a convenient way to purchase quality blends of green coffee without the trial and error of doing it yourself.

We recommend roasting to ‘full-city +’ or just into the second crack for espresso drinkers, however, you can lengthen or shorten your roast to discover different flavours to your taste.

Bealey (Blend I)

  • Blend “I” has been developed specifically to provide an all-around coffee that works well across different brewing methods. It has good milk ‘cut through’ but also shines as black coffee. This is a popular house coffee blend. A medium-bodied coffee with subtle flavours of spice and nuts with a hint of chocolate aftertaste. We have blended beans from Colombia, Brazil and Kenya to produce a really great all-around coffee.

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